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Okay, you're right; that's a lie. Because you never know when you're going to end up driving through the Chilean countryside in the back of a dumptruck with skinned sheep and firewood; but it happens.






And sometimes there are amazing story nuggets that just can't fit in a final piece, but damn if they're not still worth sharing. I mean, who knew that Apple was just a garage-dream when it kicked Radioshack's butt to get a contract in Minnesota where it teamed up with the Oregon Trail video game in a plot to take over the world - which is mostly true, and totally amazing.


Terrie and photoIMG_1217_edited_edited.j

I love that sort of stuff and I also truly value what I learn from the unexpected; like that time I got lost on the Oregon Trail during an interview or spent 2 hours in a stranger's rental car while he told me about one of the worst days of his life.

So if you really do want more from me, that's the sort of stuff you'll get; along with peeks at new projects brewing and info on my occasional live event, where you can hear from people who know a helluvalot more than I do (thank goodness).

What I share with you won't be fancy-pants and slick. I don't do it to make you want to hire me, and it might make some consider the opposite. It's just that when you find something you care about, you want to share it and I've decided that's good enough for me. Maybe it's good enough for you, too.

Still want more?

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