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In 2024, Oregon Humanities selected me as 1 of 7 Community Storytelling Fellows from across the state. (Read about it by clicking HERE).


As part of the fellowship, I decided to produce a project that I've been thinking about for awhile. Throughout the course of a year, I will be working with musicians, scientists, farmers, tribal members, and other members of the Gorge community to create The Watershed Rock Opera (April 2025 event, date TBD).


My hope is to share some of the stories of this place in a way we've never seen or heard before. I'd love to have you join us as we figure all this out.


If you'd like periodic updates from me about the project, the people, the challenges, the surprises, the successes and the silliness that are bound to happen along the way then please enter your information here.


Subscribers will also receive unique access to any related events and may be a sounding board for questions that arise.

~ Sarah

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates.

Rock on!

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