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2024 Community Storytelling Fellowship

Sarah Fox, creator of the Hear in the Gorge podcast and curator/host of the Sense of Place event series, has been selected as a Community Storytelling Fellow by Oregon Humanities. The annual Fellowship recognizes individuals and communities that are underrepresented in Oregon media. Fellowship recipients each receive $5,000 and the stories they create will be presented in the Oregon Humanities magazine, on their website and podcast, in addition to other potential platforms.

As a multimedia producer, Sarah’s work has appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting and been recognized by the Oregon Heritage Commission, Hood River Cultural Trust, and Oregon Cultural Trust. She has produced film and audio stories for businesses, nonprofits, Northwest tribes, governmental agencies, and individuals; with wide-ranging topics like tribal fishing, Woody Guthrie, avant-garde art, vegan trailblazers, and river restoration. In 2019, Sarah took over direction of the Sense of Place program and her commitment to the rural communities of the Gorge reflects her own upbringing in Oregon.

“Through her podcast and public lecture series, Sarah has shown a commitment to storytelling that is rooted in a deep care and curiosity for the Gorge community. We’re excited to offer support as she explores even more formats for storytelling that inspire reflection and connect more people to the place they call home and to each other.” Ben Waterhouse, Communications Director and Editor of Oregon Humanities magazine

As a Fellow, Sarah plans to produce a multimedia event called The Watershed Rock Opera. “The Rock Opera is a crazy idea that I can only attempt because of my Gorge community and the history we have together. It’s a big swing for sure, but we need those sometimes! If I can learn something new, share stories, and create some fun in the process, then I’m willing to put the work in to try and make it come to life.”

Throughout the course of a year, Sarah will work with local musicians, scientists, farmers, tribal members, and other Gorge community members to create the project, which will be presented in April 2025. Sarah’s website, offers an opportunity for those who want to follow along with the project, people, “challenges, surprises, successes and silliness that are bound to happen” to sign up for periodic updates.

“I have focused my career on seeking out and sharing stories from all sorts of people. That was my experience growing up, and it’s how I came to understand what a gift it is to lead with listening; how it can feed your curiosity, but also connect you to something bigger. I’ve always hoped to offer that to others through my work, because I believe our connection to each other is not only comforting, it’s fundamental – as much now as ever.” Sarah Fox, 2024 Community Storytelling Fellow, Oregon Humanities

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