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Elliot's 8 in this picture. He told me he's a fisherman. Which makes sense, since he comes from a family of fishermen - and women, like his mom, Terrie. She's the one I was actually interviewing that day, but when an 8-year tells you, unprompted, that he's a fisherman, you listen up. And when he's curious about your microphone and headphones, you hand 'em over. You can hear more from Elliot and his mom Terrie HERE.
"I caught my first fish when I was 6, maybe 7."

"I caught my first fish when I was 6, maybe 7."

As a multimedia producer, I help people identify and share stories through writing, video, audio, and live events. My work has appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting and in film and audio stories for businesses, non-profits, Northwest tribes, governmental agencies, and individuals. Stories have included wide-ranging topics like tribal fishing, Woody Guthrie, avant-garde art, vegan trailblazers, and river restoration.

I am also the creator of the Hear in the Gorge podcast and curator/host of the Sense of Place event series.



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