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Elliot's 8 in this picture. He told me he's a fisherman. Which makes sense, since he comes from a family of fishermen - and women, like his badass mom, Terrie. She's the one I was actually interviewing that day, but when an 8-year tells you, unprompted, that he's a fisherman, you listen up. And when he's curious about your microphone and headphones, you hand 'em over. You can hear more from Elliot and his mom Terrie HERE.
"I caught my first fish when I was 6, maybe 7."

"I caught my first fish when I was 6, maybe 7."

I'm a multimedia producer. I help non-profits, businesses, government agencies, and people dig into a story and then figure out the best way to share it with others. Sometimes it’s an audio piece, sometimes it’s video, sometimes it’s written. I find stories, research them, interview people, write/edit, and make sure all that turns into a final product. I might do that all by myself or I might work as part of a team.

But really, the most important tool I have is being an expert in nothing and curious about most everything. I mean, what the hell was Woody Guthrie doing in the basement of the Bonneville Power Administration in 1941? And why was the tiny town of Hood River, Oregon known across the nation as a hotbed for anti-Japanese sentiment? And let's say you're out on a day-hike and something goes wrong. Do you have any idea who will come to help you and how long it will take?


At the end of the day, I want to amplify the stories I learn. Which sounds really simple. And actually, I think it is, which is part of the reason I like it so much. It's been a circuitous route that got me here. It’s nothing crazy really, maybe something worth talking about over coffee or beers since it'll help you understand why I care so much about the work I do and the people I meet. But for now, you should just go hear some of the people for yourself.

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